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Flushing Man Wins $5,000,000 Jackpot Prize on Scratch-Off Ticket

Location where winning ticket was purchased at 149-21 41st Ave in Flushing (Google Maps)

June 17, 2019 By Meghan Sackman

A Flushing man won millions on Friday after playing a scratch-off game he bought on his way home from work.

Jason Pae, 27, won the guaranteed $5,000,000 jackpot prize on the “Set for Life” scratch off ticket. He bought the ticket at Angie’s General Store, located at 149-21 41 Ave. in Flushing.

Pae chose to receive his winnings in annual installments. Pae will receive a net check totaling $164,590 annually for the rest of his life.

Pae, the 50th New York Lottery player to win a prize of $1 million or more this year, told the New York Lottery that he already knows the first thing his winnings will fund.

“First, I plan to visit my family in Korea. Then I hope to start my own business,” Pae said.

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delia elsie pinto

Pae congratulations I’m so happy for you God bless you you’re young stay by yourself a house a car and your bills are people in your family who needs their bills to be paid for me you can email me and I asked you to pay my car off for me two jobs to pay off my car is not easy


I don’t like when people win money in the USA and spend it over sea people that won should keep it here


People that win should SPEND ANYWHERE they DAMN WELL PLEASE. Losers need to STFU and keep dreaming.

Victor Claxton

Doesn’t matter where someone wins in this lifetime it’s a blessing.
You have to pay taxes regardless.if its state or federal or local or community taxes..its a win because you still have more than you had before Amen.?????

Sammy R Brooklyn

I have been playing set for life for as long as I can remember I by 10 or more at times and never win anything big like that do they only put winning tickets in certain stores I’m starting to believe it’s a conspiracy but congratulations to the 5 million dollar man

William Ryan

You’re right Nancy. 133 comes out all the time but fortunately I play it along with 153 and 624. 624 hardly comes in also. I live in the Walden/Newburgh area and play the lottery religiously and only get 3 numbers if I’m lucky. There seems to be a lot more million dollar winners than here by me. Maybe sharing this I might get lucky. If something doesn’t happen soon, we’ll lose our home.


Let’s not be greedy…..after taxes is definitely MORE than he started with. And to be endowed for the rest out his life is more than enough!!!


I’ve been playing 1965 for long time and i never win 457 why they never give this number why they repeat the same numbers this ia a trick and truck they just want to take our money it is big business for them.

Nancy matthews

Why don’t we see winners like this in upstate new Clayton new 13624.and as far as the daily numbers and win 4, the same numbers come out all the time like 133. Why doesnt 330.155.100. 915,I’ve been playing 915 for 6 years and it never comes out if it does its boxed.159 or 591.never 915… but Congratulations to the man who won 5 million dollars on a strach off… we never see them up here


In this part of queens I’ve been there daily and it’s always jackpot winners there my friend stepdad hit the scratch off for a million on main st and Roosevelt ave that’s all flushing queens it’s a mix ethnic but mostly asian


If I were Mr. Pa, I would take my winnings and move to a more friendly tax State. New York State and the City will confiscate a significant amount of what he has coming.

Stone Cold Cleve Frostin

Yeah, but then he’d have to live in some crappy place that’s not NYC. It costs a little extra to live in the greatest city in the world, and some of us are cool with that because it sure beats living wherever you do.


It doesn’t matter where he moves he won in NYS, he will have to pay NYS taxes on it till it’s paid up


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