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Northern Boulevard McDonald’s Franchise Closes

Oct. 8, 2018 By Tara Law

The McDonald’s franchise on Northern Boulevard in Flushing has permanently closed.

The restaurant, which served the iconic fast-food chain’s burgers and fries at 144-01 Northern Blvd., closed on Sept. 30. McDonald’s and its franchisees operate numerous other restaurants throughout the area, including at 40-18 Main St. 

Jack Bert, the owner and operator of the franchise and several other McDonald’s in the area, released a statement to confirm the closure. Bert did not say why he had decided to close the restaurant.

“We are grateful to our hardworking restaurant team who provided years of dedicated service, all of whom have been offered the opportunity to work at our other restaurants, and we thank the community for their patronage,” Bert said. “We look forward to continuing to serve our customers at one of our other McDonald’s restaurants in the area.”

There are nearly 37,000 McDonald’s locations worldwide, including 560 company-owned restaurants and 65 franchises in New York, Connecticut and New Jersey.

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Where will I get ultra-processed vomit inducing fast food from a generic global chain now?!


I live right down the block at 35th ave and Parsons Blvd I sometime stop by for coffee and fish fillet couldn’t sit down because the seats are taken by non patrons also some older asians that used the reataurant as their private living room with two or three cups of $1 coffees in front of them..sad for the neighborhood kids that catered to that spot once in a while but to be honest Mickey D has to offer healthier food in their restaurants…


Change is what this country has always been about. Nothing from the past stays around forever. It seems as new people and cultures move in changing the face of communities to no return. Only difference is that the current groups that have moved in the past 25 years are a lot more and see things much differently than there European predecessors changing everything to life as they know it. Eventually the 1st generation children will follow and some other group will eventually replace them when they leave because of changing demographics and the world moves on. You can say it’s good for them bad for us. You either have to accept this fact or benefit from selling to them if you are lucky enough to have owned property from years ago. This is the case in all the 5 boros and beyond, not only northeast Queens.


It’s unfortunate. I’m all about diversity, but the Asian community in Flushing is not. I am a life long resident and they treat my family and I as if we are criminals that don’t belong. All the supermarkets in the area cater to Asian households, and even when I attempt to spend some money at their establishments, they seem insulted. I truly hope a business opens there that caters to all the residents of the area.


I’ve been meaning to check this particular McDonald’s out for some time now but I guess it’s too late!


Figures. The service went down hill and the employees didn’t bother. It’s probably bec the rents high and they have to babysit the old and crazy or had to be a public bathroom for the area. You couldn’t even sit in there. Oh well soon flushing will just be Asian business which don’t provide basic amenities like McDonald’s was expected to.


We all know why they closed it, it’s because of the Chinese people!
It’s sad, we used to have so many different stores, restaurants, now the Chineses took over our loved Flushing and created a big market out of it.
Extremely sad….

Anonymous Asian

Wow racist much? It’s not our fault we’re just better at doing business. Who had flushing before Asians, and then who had it before you? It’s the progression of life. Nothing stays the same, if you’re trying to move forward. Sounds like you might wanna move to the suburbs?

Another Random Asian

Thanks for generalizing all Asians as “Chinese”. Also, there is no such thing as Chineses. I still see a bunch of diverse/different restaurants along Northern Blvd. You might want to check your ignorance first though; it might actually open your eyes to see in an unbiased manner.


Wow u really dont know ur demographics- its not just chinese its all sorts of asia u dimwit. We have the money u guys dont. Simple as that

Mark litman

That whole area from Parsons Blvd to Springfield Blvd has change Asians have taken over whole communities and only buy from there own. pizzas delis markets are all leaving bayside and flushing areas opening nail salons and Asian supermkts all thrive what used to be full of thriving businesses is now a thing of the past landlords who are in there 90’s are asking millions for rents and properties


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