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Pesticides Aimed at Reducing Mosquitos to be Sprayed in College Point, Whitestone Aug. 6

Area to be Sprayed by NYC DOH on Aug. 6

Aug. 2, 2019 By Max Murray

The city will begin spraying pesticides to keep the number of mosquitos at bay in Auburndale, Bay Terrace, Beechhurst, College Point, Whitestone, and other parts of Queens and Nassau County on Aug. 6.

The spraying will begin at around 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday night, and will continue until 6 a.m. the next day, according to the NYC Department of Health. The spraying could be delayed until Aug. 7 or 8 due to potential inclement weather.

The spraying will occur in parts of the 11354, 11356, 11357, 11358, 11359, and 11360 zip codes in an area that roughly goes from Flushing Bay to Little Neck Bay.

Area of Queens to be Sprayed by DOH on Aug. 6

The health department says it will be spraying very low concentrations of Anvil® 10+10 and/or DeltaGard® from trucks to reduce mosquito activity and combat the risk of West Nile virus.

The pesticides present low risk to people and pets, but some people who are sensitive to spray ingredients may experience short term eye or throat irritation, or a rash, according to the agency. People with respiratory conditions may also be affected.

The DOH recommends area residents to stay indoors whenever possible during spraying, and that, while unnecessary, air conditioners may be turned off.

The agency also says, while unnecessary, that outdoor toys and equipment can be washed down with soap and water after spraying. Skin and clothing exposed to pesticides should be washed with soap and water, while fruits and vegetables should be washed with water.

For more information, visit the DOH’s page on mosquitoes.

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Honestly with all these side effects and cancer causing ingredients in these pesticides I rather the mosquitoes! Shouldn’t we have a say whether we want to be contaminated or not ?!? Shame on whoever decided on this


That’s BS let’s cause more cancer. Im not scared of West Nile we should have a say in this. Bad for health


Thank God. We are in Bayside on the whitestone cusp and the mosquitos will carry you away. Absolutely vicious. We are all covered in bites and cannot enjoy use of our outdoor spaces. Three cheers for spraying and killing this scourge


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