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Regal Cinemas to Open Seven-Screen Theater in Flushing by End of 2019


Jan. 22, 2019 By Meghan Sackman

Regal Cinemas will be opening a 34,000 square foot multiplex in downtown Flushing by the end of the year.

The theater operator will be taking space within the massive Tangram development, a 1.2-million-square foot project that is nearing completion at 133-15 39th Ave.

Regal has signed a 20-year lease with developers F&T Group and SCG America to operate Tangram’s seven screen theater. This will be Regal’s first location to feature 4DX technology, which provides moviegoers with features such as motion vibrations and other special effects.

The movie complex represents the first new cinema to open in Flushing in 30 years and will also be the only one in Queens offering 4DX technology. The cinema was originally going to be operated by South Korea-based CJ CGV. However, the company and the developers parted ways.

“Regal came to us as a qualified cinema operator with brand recognition,” said Richard Siu of F&T Group. “They completely understand the future of Flushing – its energy, draw and potential.”

The theater will be a small component of the massive Tangram development, which will occupy a full block with frontage on 37th Avenue, Prince Street, 39th Avenue and College Point Boulevard.

The development includes 324 luxury residences (in two towers), a 12-story building with 48 office condos, and a 208 room, four-star hotel.

The development will also include 275,000 square feet of retail space on the ground floor that includes a food hall, beer garden, themed restaurants, and high fashion shopping locations.

The entire project is expected to be completed by the middle of 2020.

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I don’t understand the complaints about Flushing being Asian…it was White Flight that whites undertook themselves — if anything, the Asians saved the whites, allowing them to retire to lilly-white ‘burbs!! Jeez some people are never satisfied…even going so far as to get a poor young mail-order bride from some Third World countryside and then complaining about the Third World following him here!!

peter petinarcou



Also multi cultral family but now this is more about whose $$$$ are stronger and not having multi cultures impact a negative climate since the children don’t see and respect all. I also hope this changes for the better. NY is not the World….there are so many beautiful countries created for us all, I feel badly for people who are Forced to leave their native countries but if they have to, they should have choices ?Good Luck Flushing and hope we can re group !

Robert Ristelhueber

I hope these movie theaters open and are successful. I grew up in Flushing and remember walking to the Prospect Theater and the RKO Keith’s Theater in the 1960s and ’70s. There was also the Roosevelt Theater on Northern Blvd. that turned into the UA Quartet in the early ’70s. All of them closed. Today there’s not a single movie theater open in central Flushing. So this would be a positive development.

Dolph Chiarino

I lived in Flushing since I was 2 years old (1952) until 1981 & I watched a very nice diverse neighborhood transform into an Asian neighborhood. I have nothing against Asians (my wife is Asian) but what is now missing is the German Deli, Italian Pizzaria & Deli, Polish Pork store, French Bakery, Jewish Bagel store & Pharmacy, Irish Liquor store & Bar, Greek Dinner, etc. Flushing was once the United Nations of Queens. Every nationality including Asians were all living together in a area right in the middle of New Yorks 2 largest airports & it was a great place to grow up in. Now it’s become one of the nation’s largest Asian cities. The area is very crowded with one house or store right on top of each other. It’s impossible to park anywhere and choose from the variety of different nationality stores that used to be there.
Flushing was one of the firstDutch Settlements in America back in the late 1600’s. It was the first settlement for religious freedom in America. It was the first aboritorium in America. All the trees planted in Central Park came from Flushing (Parsons Plantation) & once the home to many prominent people including Nancy Reagan and many sports players. I used to hang out with Sam Huff Jr. & Carl Furillo Jr. who I’m still friends with. Gone is the quiet cohesive neighborhood that every nationality thrived & lived in. Life there has become very busy, congested & crowded. Many signs are not even in English. They are Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese, Malaysian, etc. The house prices have skyrocketed every year and more & more people move out as Asians pay top dollar for homes. In 1952 our 2 family corner home cost $12,500 and my parents sold it on 1990 (38 years later) for close to $500,000…wow! Anyway, I visit some old friends in Flushing once in a while and miss the potpourri of nationalities that once mingled & lived together in a great town to grow up in.


Your comment, sadly, is typical of any old-fashioned, corner store, pork barrel racist.
Your white Eurocentric settler-colonial attitude shows in your dismissal of the new multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, multi-lingual and multi-religious Flushing as somehow inferior to the Flushing of the past.
There is indeed a huge mixture of nationalities in Flushing, including Malaysian, Tamil, Taiwanese and Mongolian, which you unfortunately do not recognize because you lump all Asians together into one homogenized mass, failing to recognize the incredible diversity of the current population.
Perhaps if some of your Polish, German, and Irish friends had chosen to stay and invest in the neighborhood, they would have been able to take part in the development of Flushing from a crime-ridden backwater filled with inferior housing and vacant storefronts into the thriving metropolis it has become.

Dolph Chiarino

If you had the knowledge to read and comprehend simple sentences you would have noticed that I am married to an Asian. My statement was to remind my good friends how the neighborhood has evolved into a different neighborhood. What’s sad is that you’re obviously Asian and take offense to me adding your particular nationality among all other Asians. Looks like you’re the “old fashioned, pork barreled racist” thinking that your Asian background is better than other Asian backgrounds. If not, you would not had made it a point to distinguish yourself from other Asians. You’re the mamby pamby, crybaby racist who thinks you’re better than every other Asian.
You have no idea of what the neighborhood was like 50 years ago or even the important history behind Flushing. Learn how to read & understand English before you write statements that show your complete ignorance. People like you make statements just to feel important and misunderstand the true message in a composition. My friends and I moved out of Flushing because we wanted a less crowded area to live and raise our children not because of the ethnicity of the area. When you’re a racist you see and evaluate all things like a racist which is exactly what you’ve done.
BTW, Flushing was never crime ridden nor did it have vacant storefronts and homes….NEVER!
If that was the case, people would never have paid TOP DOLLAR for stores and homes like they continue to do. FYI, Flushing has the 3rd largest Asian population just behind San Francisco and Chinatown (NYC).Take your head out of your ass and stop writing crap that shows how stupid and racist you really are.

Straight Shooter McGavin

Hey guys, just want to let you know that I have black friends, so I can’t be racist.

Married to an Asian 2

Here’s a tip for you in the future. When you feel the need to qualify that you are married to an Asian, you are about to say some racist stuff.

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